jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

A day in Denver and an adventure with Greyhound

During my vacations in Vail, CO, I had the opportunity to spend a day in Denver and it was amazing.
I visited the Denver Art Museum, the Colorado Capitol, the Denver Botanic Gardens and even the Cherry Creek Mall.

Here are just some of my thoughts about the city
* Fantastic atmosphere, people are very nice
* Although is a medium city, it has a lot of parks, little pollution and a good weather (except on Winter).
* The Denver Art Museum is a must, is one of the best Art museums in the country
*The  Denver Botanic Gardens are beautiful and huge. I'm not sure how nice they are during winter, but if you are in the city try to visit.

* The Colorado Capitol is a very nice building but the best thing is that there is almost no limits in where to go. You can even knock the governor's office door and watch the Senate Sessions.
* If you want to go shopping, then Cherry Creek Mall is the answer.

Denver might not be a huge city but it sure is a nice city with a lot of things to do. So if you have a long layover or happen to be here, visit this city.

My experience with Greyhound

I have been to several countries using several airlines, from Lufthansa to Cubana (the world's most dangerous airline). I have never taken a bus in another country apart from Mexico, but I have taken the Amtrak Train and the SBB train in Switzerland.

Prior to my small trip with Greyhound I heard really bad comments. But the reality is that the company is not that bad, it's their passengers.
On the first journey, the bus departed on time, arrived on time and practically everything was fine.
On the second journey everything was different.

Because the Denver public transportation bus arrived 10 minutes late, I almost didn't make it, I did not even had a ticket and it was already 7:05 and the bus was schedule to depart at 7:00. And when I asked the person in the front of the ticket line, if I could be first because my bus was leaving (almost crying) he just said no.
Fortunately, the 2nd person in line did let me in, and because of Karma, God or luck I obtained my ticket first than the "nice" guy in front of me.

On board the bus, the only problem I had was the lady next to me. Apart that she had her feet uncovered almost touching me, she was swearing/talking to the seat in front.

And btw this was a comment from another passenger:
"Wow, this station is the same like an airport"

I don't know to which airport he has been to, but not even the ugly Argentinian airports look like this.

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

New Flight to Tokyo

As reported yesterday by USA TODAY, United will be flying next March their new dream liners from Denver hub to Tokyo.

This route is not the only one that United will have using their new dreamliner. Earlier on the year United also announced their route Houston to Auckland, New Zealand.

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

Long layover in LAX?

When trying to find a cheap flight it's almost impossible to fly non-stop so you do have to have a layover, usually a long layover.

Last weekend I flew from Mexico City to Denver via LAX with a 5 hour layover! It is a long layover but there are definitely longer.
Many people did recommend me to go to Santa Monica or Venice Beach, but that would cost me about 50-70 USD in a roundtrip taxi, and a shuttle would take a lot of time. And I don't think it's smart for people that take this cheap flights save 100 dollars and then spend them on a taxi.

So I decided to stay, so what should you do if you want to stay at LAX?
If you are a bit hungry you should definitely go to Encounter.
Remember that strange building at the middle of the airport? Well, that's a restaurant.

The food is ok, the service is good and to be honest the prices are a bit high but do remember it's an airport restaurant.
So what is the special thing about this restaurant?
You are able to see tons of airplanes arriving and departing LAX and time just flies by.

You can also check out the several new stores that will open in this year.  Specially in Terminal 7 and 8 and you can find a Food Court at TBIT,

martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

New TV show coming! And you can win!

It's always nice to see a TV show of something you like, and more if it's a competition ... and even more if YOU CAN WIN.

Bravo TV (yes, the same of the Real Housewives) has announced that starting on May 9th a new show will be on air.
Each week, through their website a map of the U.S. will appear and each time someone uses the # on Twitter (#80plateschallenge) the map will zoom in.
After the location is finally revealed, competitors will have to leg it. The first person to find them in an Infinity car's windshield, wins them. 

So it's not the typically competition but it's sure creative.

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