lunes, 20 de diciembre de 2010

Taxi in L.A.

Before going in my L.A. trip I was a bit scared of going without a car. Everybody in TA told me that L.A. was a car-city, some told me that it was even impossible to travel around L.A. without a car. I don't know if it was because I wasn't really in L.A. but actually I was perfect without a car and the same for my budget.
Yes, a car could have been perfect but if you are staying at a hotel with pricy parking, renting a car might not be a great idea. Here is what I actually spent:

We also walked a lot from the hotel to the Beverly Center, and our tour left us at Hollywood.


Rental Car Total: 70 USD
Parking at the hotel.... 99 USD
Gas... 40 USD
Plus any additional parking at The Grove or at Robertson or at the Warner Brother Studios.

It was aprox. the same amount of money and seriously if they gave you the chance to take a taxi or go and find your car at the parking lot, you take a taxi.
So of course if the parking was complimentary it would be much better, but it was very expensive.
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miércoles, 15 de diciembre de 2010

Day 4- L.A.

We had an awesome week-end in L.A. but if finished very fast. Our flight departed at 6:00 p.m. from LAX so we still had the whole morning to finish our shopping. We went to The Grove after a nice breakfast, and we finished all the shopping we had to do for the entire trip. We then went back to the hotel and finished preparing our bags. Because check-out was at 1:00 p.m. we left the bags at the Front Desk and we went to eat at the Beverly Center.
We had lunch at the KPC which was just average due to the fact that we didn't had enough time. After the lunch we headed back to the hotel and grabbed a cab to LAX. We arrived like after 35 minutes after we left the SLS and went to the Check-in of Aeromexico which only took us 15 minutes.
Then it was the fun part, going through the TSA check-point. It was actually my first time in an airport with these new procedures, but we were lucky that we didn't need those procedures. I can't imagine other people seeing me without clothes or worst being touched.
I need to say that T2 at LAX is really ugly, there is nothing to do there so we just were there for about 1 hour after finally we board the plane. After a smooth 3.5 hours flight we reached Mexico City at 11:30 p.m. LOCAL TIME! A bit late and more with kids. But even worst, we spent 20 minutes on the Tarmac and another 50 in the immigration and customs lines.

We had a blast in L.A. we really did enjoy it all.

Wait for pics and for my next entry: TAXI VS CAR RENTAL IN L.A.

viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

DAY 3: L.A.

Another day waking up at the SLS, and I really want to get back, looking forward for this day. Today we were going to finish the shopping and do the Celebrity Tour. After another expensive breakfast, the only thing I didn't enjoyed about this hotel, we went to start our day.
The driver of Elite Adventure Tours arrived couple of minutes early in a black van. The van was very nice just for us, they also included beverages and snacks. Our tour guide although he didn't spoke spanish he was just great! The tour was 2 hours and we told him we've never seen the Hollywood Sign so he took us to see it, and what a view. I think we were in the most perfect location to see the Sign and it was our first time. After seeing the sign we went to Beverly Hills, Sunset Blvd, Bel-air, etc.. This by far is the tour I've liked the most anywhere, not even in Patagonia, but these. To be driven by a nice van and an experienced man in one of the hottest and priciest streets on earth, was the best thing.
He explained us tons of things at Sunset and after we went to Beverly Hills and to finalize we finished in Bel-Air seeing the most beautiful houses of the celebrities. Two more things that I liked about this tour is that the driver took photos of everything and us with his professional camera and that he can drop you off where ever you want. We chose the Chinese Theatre so we can walk around Hollywood.
After an amazing trip we went inside the Madamme Tussauds Museum, it's a lot of fun and I really recommend it. We went to the Chinese Theatre to take some photos but it was full of people, so we continued walking towards the Kodak Theatre taking some photos and going inside and next to it there is a small "Las Vegas" Shopping Mall.
Then for lunch we headed for The Grove and ate at an italian restaurant. We "tried to finish" shopping but my dad was too tired so we went back to the hotel to relax. We had our dinner at our room because there was an event at The Bazaar.

This by far mad my trip, because of two things: The amazing tour and the Museum. I really recommend people to go here and if you plan to spend a little more to take a tour than Starline check out the website

Day 2: L.A.

Good morning L.A. After some hours of sleep we woked up very early and it was actually good because last night we did a reservation with the concierge of the Warner Bros Tour and a private tour to see some celebrities homes.
We did had breakfast at the Tres Restaurant. I need to say that their "buffet" was only juice, bread and some fruit, 20 dollars for that.... No!! But we still ordered some waffles and the best eggs, they weren't chicken eggs but they were very good. Something more is that this restaurant is expensive! An orange juice for 8 USD??
We had our reservation at 9:30 a.m. but we waited for 10 minutes so we went with the concierge and they told us that the other concierge didn't booked it because we didn't confirm. I mean if we already went down once and told him we want the tour do we still need to go? So the other concierge couldn't booked us for the Private tour because it was too late but we still could go to the Warner Brother Studios.
WB is in burbank so in 20 minutes drive we got there. I did enjoyed the trip because you are actually seeing the set of many movies but we only saw a big Studio with nothing, the cars and the museum were nice. We also went to the actual studio of the Mentalist but I don't even see that, I still liked the tour but thought it was going to be a little bit nicer.
The tour finished around noon and we went back to the hotel to relax a little bit.
At 2:00 p.m. we went to Robertson, in the hotel house car which is a beautiful car and it saves you $$. We did shopping in that street then we had lunch at The Ivy, because it was a special day and we thought because it was Friday maybe we could see someone famous but we didn't. Still the food was good and it's a great place to come.
After lunch we finished with our shopping and went back to the hotel. And because it was still early we walked to the Beverly Center which is just two blocks away from the hotel. Then we went back to the hotel and finally just relax.
It was a good day I just thought the WBS where going to be better.
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jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

Day 1: LA

I had my flight with Aeromexico from Mexico City to Los Angeles going at 2:30 p.m. so I arrived at the airport at 12:50 p.m. (a bit late) but I manage to get to the gate. It's incredible how mexican taxes are spend. After all the security points before going to the gate you need to have kind of like a pat down, this includes children!.

The flight was smooth with a mediocre sandwich, of course in Economy, and we managed to get to LAX at time. And for our surprise we saw a 747 next to a A380, both of Qantas, pretty impressive. The immigration line was just 20 minutes, my last time at LAX was only 10 minutes, much better than MIA. After picking up our bags we took a cab to the SLS, which was 42 USD.
We arrived at the hotel at about 5:30 p.m. so after a rude check-in they gave us a "premier room" which cost me 6 USD plus per night and the only difference was at the last floor and two bottles of Evian, btw terrible view but what an awesome hotel and room.

The decoration of the room is bizarre but really nice, my review at TA:
After unpacking and relaxing we asked the concierge any place to eat and he told us many expensive restaurants but we chose the Little Next Door, a very good restaurant.
Because in Mexico it was 2 hours ahead we slept a bit too early to prepare us for a day of adventure!!

Los Angeles Trip

For my son's birthday I decided to go with him and my daughter to L.A.
Although we have been before we didn't knew the city pretty well and something that is great in L.A. is shopping.
Before coming I searched everywhere finding that the cheapest airfares where with Alaska Airlines, but then I decided to check out the whole Hotel + Airfare. So I checked Orbitz, Expedia and and I found on Black Friday for 2007 usd airfare with Aeromexico, not the cheapest but they do have the best times, and 3 nights at the SLS at Beverly Hills.

Before the trip I checked some stuff about the SLS and found out that was a new trendy bizarre hotel near Beverly Hills and that the average rates where higher than 350 pn. The next big thing was renting a car but because my license was going to come to an end very soon so I decided to move on taxis.

Check out my next entries to see my weekend trip to L.A.

lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

Day 6 & 7 Shopping and last day at Orlando. Going back to Miami!

Day 6
Finally we got to rest :) Not very late but we didn't woke up so early. We got ready and went to the Club at about 10:20 just 10 minutes before they took everything and let me tell you something: It was FULL!! so full that there was no space to seat, also there was not a lot of food and drinks left. But it wasn't that bad. We also checked to which mall to go as there is two main one in Orlando: The Florida Mall and the Mall at Millenia. Both offer me almost the same store I was looking at but I could see more stores at Millenia wether at the Florida Mall it was more Outlets and that dont work for me .So I decided to go to the Mall at Millenia which is the premium outlet and is about 20 minutes with traffic from my hotel as it was in South Orlando.

This mall is amazing it has Bloomingdales, Macy's Abercrombie, Gap, Hollister, Victoria Secret, etc.. So it was perfect for me. I didn't expect to be the whole day here but I was. I had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and the food is good but the price perfect. We finished at about 7:00 p.m. and before going we went to the best place to have a dessert: TUTTI FRUTTI FROZEN YOGURT. I loved this place and if I only had the money I would open one here in Mexico(there is already one) It's incredible that everywhere I go and there is a TF there is always people not one or two but many. Check out this site:

And as we arrived to the hotel we went to the Club for some minutes as we were "kicked out" They should have it open until 10 not 9. Tomorrow we are going back to Miami but first we are going somewhere first.

Day 7.

This day we tried to get up a bit early so we could find some space at the the Club. Today we only had two options: Go to the Believe it or not- Ripleys museum or stay at the hotel and enjoy the amenities. So we thought because we were going to Miami I thought the best thing is to go to the museum. So we did the check out, excellent service they even gave me two coupons each worth 100 usd for drinks and food at some Hyatt.Before going to the museum I passed quickly to change some stuff at the Mall as both were just 5 minutes away from each other. The museum was worth the visit and it was very interesting and fun to see it. The other option was also good because the amenities of the hotel are just amazing. So the best thing to do is actually to have an extra day.

When we finished at the museum we went to eat just next to the mall at the TGI Fridays which is just the average restaurant. After we started our drive to Miami!!! Let me tell you: It's a long drive but the Highway is very good. Something very bad was the rain. In some parts you couldn't see anything, you just needed to watch out for the lights of the car in front of you. Sometimes the rain stopped, so we stopped for donuts and coffee when it there was no rain and suddenly it started to rain a lot. I even took some paper bags but I still got all my jeans wet and all the front seat wet too....
We arrived at Miami at about 9:30 p.m. but by accident my son put the Double Tree hotel incorrect, can you imagine there are two hotel from the same hotel chain at the same street name just that the one we went was in South beach and the other one was at North Beach just next to the Trump Towers. So we finnaly got there at 10:00 and were welcomed by our friends who own an appartment there. So we just rested after a long drive.

Wait for pics.

sábado, 7 de agosto de 2010

Day 5 Epcot

How fast time passed, we are now in the last day of the parks. Of course there were more parks like: Universal Island of Adventure, Disney Studios and Sea World plus other water parks but we didn't had a lot of time.

We woke up early and had breakfast at the Regency Club. After getting ready we took the 10:00 a.m. bus from the hotel to the parks. Because it takes you to the Ticket and Transportation Center you then need to take the monorail to Epcot which it was almost empty compared to the one of Magic Kingdom. The ride is just 7 minutes, so at about 11:00 a.m. we were at the entrance of the park.

As you enter the park just right under the big ball there is the attraction called the Spaceship Earth, so we lined up because it said it was just 20 minutes (but actually it was about 30). While I was waiting my son went to running to the Soarin attraction for Fastpass and we got them for until 3:00 p.m. This is sure the most popular ride. The Spaceship Earth was great and it takes the ride is about 15 minutes and they even add your photo and you create your future, I liked this one.
After this ride we went and ride the Mission Space, we first rode the one without spin but it's really nothing it was very boring. So we took the Fastpass and came later and ride the one with spin and no doubt why someone died, they put so much pressure that the only difference is that you get the feeling of "going to space" and you get really dizzy.

In between of those rides we went to the Test Track and it's just so great that I wanted to go again. I recommend it a lot. So with just these rides we went and tour the pavilion starting with the one in Canada. I liked a lot this pavilions because they show something from each country. Then we passed though the U.K pavilion and also the France and Morocco pavilion. We then went to Japan to eat as we had a reservation at the Tokyo Dinning which is just great. They gave a table right exactly in front of the japanese monument and the White big ball. Also the service is great and 100% japanese.
But what I most liked was the food, it was just awesome. The sushi rolls were great specially the Volcano one and for the dessert remember if you come here try the GREENT TEA PUDDING. The prices are not too high. There is also a Tepanyaki restaurant next that it was full.

After eating we continued our tour passing though the American (we didn't even stop there) and the Italian which is very nice. We also visited Germany and China which was one of my top 3. Then there is Norway and finally MEXICO!!!! I was really happy to see that Mexico was the most or the second most popular pavilion, obviously because of the high level of mexican and latins tourists. So if you ask me if it was 100% mexican I would say no, there were some stereotype but most of the food was the same as we have here!!
After visiting all the pavilion my Top 3 are: China, Mexico and Japan. Japan and Mexico were almost as full but I would say there was probably more people in Japan and this was my favorite pavilion.

Just before going out of the park we bought some photos at the entrance and then we took the Monorail( a bit too early) and waited about 30 minutes at the TTC for the Hyatt bus to come and they almost left us!!!. We were at the benches just in front of the buses and as soon as we saw the bus arriving we start walking towards it (it was like 50 meters away) but then it left and my son start running like for 15 seconds to stop the bus until it stopped.

We then arrived at the hotel at 10:00 p.m. and sleep well....

viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress

I just came back from my visit to Orlando and it was 6 nights and I just loved the hotel. Bellow you will find out why and why I didn't like soo much the prices.

Check in-Check out

Before coming to this hotel I heard that when you do the check in they give you a champagne but it never happened and the day I was doing the check out I saw people with champagne. But I don't know if it was because of the late check in but I didn't get it, still there were some problems. Of course the check in lady was new and first she gave me a normal room and then I remind her I booked a Regency Club and she just changed the cards.... I hoped a higher level. But the check out was totally different plus I got late check out. The young men was super professional and offered me a great service and even gave me two 100 usd coupons for my next stay. Nice touch!

I would give a 4 out of 5 but because of the great service of the check out I will give a 4.5 out of 5.


Well of course they had been renovated. They are awesome, with a great design and incredible beds makes the rooms great. My room was in the sixth floor and it had views of the parks although not great but you could still see Magic Kingdom and Epcot. The bathroom was a mid-size one with a nice shower. What I most like about the room was the bed and the flat tv. I think this room was one of the best hotel room I have ever stayed, I really liked it, I just think they should have a mini bar that actually cools things and had food :(

I give a 4.8 out of 5


The location is just great but not perfect. It's about 10 to 15 minutes to the parks, remember that the shuttle that takes you to the Ticket and Trasnportation Center of Disney takes 25 minute....

To see the next part go to my profile in Tripadvisor:

Day 4 Universal

Well... this day started at about 10 a.m. and until like 11:00 a.m. we finally went to the restaurant because the Regency Club was already closed. I don't really remember the name of restaurant but it was the one were there was a small Waterfall. The food was good and the price ok. We finally get out of the hotel around 12:00 p.m. in our car. The park is not too close it's about 20 minutes but the parking is much better than the Disney one. They even have this option of like VIP parking which we took because of yesterday's marathon, and this option is just 4 usd more.

As we arrived quickly to the park we passed through the City Walk and made reservation for the Hard Rock, we decided to spend a little bit more of money because of yesterday's horrible option. Then we headed to Universal Studios Florida. As soon as we arrived we went and bought tree "Things" t-shirt, something very Universal.
The first game we went was Shreck 4d movie but as we saw the line: 45 minutes and the time we decided to buy the Universal Express card which is much better than the Disney Fastpass. With this, you can get into the fastpass line any time you want. I think this was the best option someone can make when coming here. After this great movie we went to Jimmy's Neutron Simulator which was also fun. Something better we went to Tornado which is a must do.
We then ended in one of the coolest rides in the park: The Mummy one, I really enjoyed it and I just thought it was awesome the electronic locker outside, they should have those at Disney. We then continued to Jaws and after we saw a great Rock and Roll Show with monsters which was great. And believe it we were not tired, well not too much, then we went to the Simpson's Ride, I just loved that one is so much fun and just before we go to eat we try the Men in Black which I liked.
Then we had dinner/lunch at the Hard Rock which I truly recommend The food was great and so the prices!!. As we finish eating we went inside the park again, remember that most of the good restaurants are just outside the parks, less than 5 minutes walk. So there was only 35 minutes before the park closed so we ran to the Terminator show which was my favorite one, It's just great. So it was just 3 minutes before the park closed and we saw that E.T. was almost closing so we ran to the game and they let us go, WE WERE THE LAST ONES, and it was also a nice ride.

SO that was my amazing day at Universal and I just thought it was great because most of the time we were inside a game than walking in the heat, so it was just awesome. So what did we learn today? BUY THE EXPRESS PASS (or whatever is called :) it will save you more than 5 hours!!!

Soo wait for pics

miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Day 3 Magic Kingdom

Before I start this sure was the most exhausting day of all my stay. Probably because the temperature was about 95 F or higher and all the people that were in the park, but we still had a nice day at the park. Im going to try my best to remember all the things I did. This day we decided to go by car to save some time although you still need to take a shuttle from the parking lot to the entrance and then the monorail to Magic Kingdom....

First, after taking a lot of photos we went and lined up at the Buzz Lightyear and while we were there my son went for the fastpass of Space Mountain. I enjoyed a lot this ride but the line was a bit too long. We also rode the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad before going to the Space Mountain which was more than great. And to fresh a little bit we headed to the Splash Mountain, which was just ok. Then late in the evening we went to not the best place to eat so MAKE RESERVATION is the best thing you can do, so you can eat in a nice restaurant. We ate at the Columbia Harbor House which of course we didn't like, but of course it was very cheap.

After the not so nice restaurant we headed to It's a small world because its never too late to go to this place and the lines weren't too bad although they looked terrible. And to finish this magical day we went and rode the Jungle Cruise. And when we finish all these attractions we decided to stop and rest at one of the nearby entrance restaurant and eat a carrot cake :) and wait till the 9:00 p.m. show parade which was amazing. As if all these wasn't sufficient we still waited for the Summer night show: NIGHTASTIC, which I really, really enjoyed make sure to get a good place.

Well and that was all my day, the only bad thing was the return which we decided to use the ferry boat instead of the monorail, do not do that. It's over crowded and there is no fresh air so please use the monorail.
So then we arrived to our nice hotel around 12:00 p.m. believe it or not! Wow it was a magical day but it was sure a day where we walked a couple of miles :)


Long but not so long line for It's a small world

jueves, 29 de julio de 2010

Florida's Trip 2nd Day- Animal Kingdom

After a not so good day my family and I woke up about 7 in the morning to start our day. We had a small breakfast at the Regency Club. For any of you who was wondering how is the club, is great it has a great space for sitting inside and outside. The breakfast might not be a lot but it had fruits, cereals, bagels, coffee, juices and some pastries, so it was quite good. What I really liked about the Club was the fact that they have a great Mac Computer and I just loved the idea.

We then went to the lobby and we bought the tickets for the parks with Mears Trasnportation at a good price, after that we took the shuttle of the hotel. They offer two different shuttles one two the Disney Ticket and Transportation Center, where then you take another bus, monorail, boat to a park, and to Sea World and Universal Studios. This day we were taking the one to Disney TTC. The ride was about 20 minutes, a bit long, and as soon as we arrived we needed to take another kind of transportation this day was Animal Kingdom and the only kind of transportation was the bus which we took and it was another 12 minutes ride.... Finally we arrived to the park to start our day :)

One thing to mention it was the temperature, it was very but very hot that's why we probably spent the first half and hour in the stores buying hats and a lot of water bottles .For this time I bought the "membership" of touring plans which is great because it provides you information of the parks such as when to go and to where to go so it's great. The plan that I chose was for Tweens, kids between 8-12 which is perfect for me, my daughter is 9 years old and my son is 14 years old. After we were all set we went to the Mount Everest Expedition, first we were going for the fastpass but because it was a short line we decided to get in line and it was quick. This attraction is THE BEST IN THE PARK. You really need to try this one.

The next attraction that we went where not in the same order as I write them down, but I remember going to Primeval Whirl, Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids where you really get wet and Kilimanjaro Rides.(see pics below) We also saw the play Finding Nemo and it was awesome. We had a lot of fun and we enjoyed a lot this park.but the attraction that I must enjoyed was Mount Everest. We also had lunch at the Tusker House which is a large buffet and the prices aren't too high and the food is very good.

We finish a bit early so we could have dinner at the Regency Club and sleep well, because the next day was going to be tired.....

Trip to Florida 2010-Day 1.

First Im going to put what I was supposed to do: Depart at 7:15 a.m. from Mexico City and arrive at 11:30 at Miami Airport, I would give about an hour or less for immigration and expected to be leaving with a rental car at 1:15 p.m. and heading to Miami. The trip will be about 4 hours and we will stop to eat. So we might have arrived at 6:00 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. but this is what happened.

We depart until 8:00 a.m., the airline was Mexicana (AA partners) and arrived until 12:00 p.m. :( And then the immigration O.M.G. I was 2 HOURS!!! and it might be bad luck, because I could see people from the same flight leaving 30 minutes to 10 minutes before me!! Still I think MIA has one of the worst immigration centers. All the rental car thing was good. I was taken by one of the "new" buses to the new Rental Car Center and it was nice!!! The only thing is that I had some kind of argument with another costumer because the moment I was approaching the car she came running and took the keys.... What ever. Because of the 2 times extra we went running for something to eat and after we went to Orlando and stopped twice in the road I was very tired. We finally got to the hotel at 8:15 p.m. and as I entered the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress I was amazed!

I had difficulties choosing the hotel but as far I think my option was good. I had a room in the Regency Club Level but actually the rooms are totally the same they just give you access to the Club in floor 12th. Because of the time we just went to the Club, and I need to say it's a very nice club, it might be a bit small but it has everything including a mac computer! I just took a coffee and some cookies :) while watching the Epcot fireworks show.

That was all my day, I was very mad that the plane arrived late and the 2 hours at the immigration but at least the hotel was great and the rooms too :)

lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Going back to Geneva MEX-FRA-GVA-FRA-MEX

Undecide hotel in Geneva

viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

My nomination for the first Lufthansa A380

My nomination for the first Lufthansa A380: "The A380 the new Lufthansa flagship, a special experience, the Lufthansa A380. Find out more about the fascination of a new era in air travel. Take part, Raffles, Downloads, Photos, Video, Gallery, First Flight in 2010."

jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Mi propuesta de nombre para el Lufthansa A380

Mi propuesta de nombre para el Lufthansa A380: "El avión de pasaje más grande y moderno del mundo busca nombre. Ayúdenos a encontrarle uno y gane 1 millón de millas de premio Miles & More – en"

domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

Flight from Geneva to Mexico Airport

I usually travel in this route with just 1 stop. I have travelled with Air France and Lufthansa. Because of my lack of disorganization I bought the tickets too late and everything was too expensive. With Continental was the cheapest option and I thought: is a Star Alliance, so I will win miles!!

So I will put my reviews for the 3 flights: GENEVA TO NEWARK, NEWARK TO HOUSTON, HOUSTON TO MEXICO and a review of Geneva Airport.

Geneva Airport
I have been to this airport 3 times but I had always used the French Section. If you don’t know the airport of Geneva is in two countries : Switzerland and France. All the flights going to France (AirFrance) arrives in the French section. Let me tell you something, if you will depart from here there is nothing!!! When you pass the security check there is only a very but very expensive shop with some magazines and chocolates and another of beverages, breads, etc…
So this was my first time at the International section, first of all is much bigger but that also means it takes you more to get pass through the security point. After that is like many other airports. Many stores, duty free, etc.. and is also nice. But if you are taking a flight out of Europe like to New York with Swiss or in my case Newark with Continental you need to pass a immigration point. After that you arrive to a small area with two stores and free internet. Then you can board your plane.
So I can say knowing this airport pretty good that is a clean, “modern” , and with many facilities. But I cant say the same thing for the French sector, is actually kind of bad. I will love that there will be more “interational” flights to the Americas.

Flight Geneva to Newark.

It was my longest flight from the 3. I was so lucky because there was only 2 seats available and one of them was next to me.
There was only 2 meals which I need to say that they were good. Obviously they were not like in business class but they were good. The entertainment service was good. Not all the flights from Europe to America has personal tv. The only bad thing is that with Continental you see old movies or t.v. shows.
The service was good and one thing I notice in the check-in and in the plane is that they were surprised that I was flying alone. Im 14 but I look like 12 so they might were very surprised.
Although the flight depart late we arrived even before the schedule which it gave me time for immigration.
I must say I enjoyed the flight, is much much better than the stupids of AirFrance.

Newark Airport
I was about 3 hours at that airport. It was my first there and is pretty big. I really don't understand the connecting flight procedure. At this airport there was many stores and I was going to buy a perfume but you need to have a ticket to an international flight so its tax free but I didn't, remember I was going to Houston.
So no problems.

Flight Newark to Houston
I imagined it would be good because this is a popular route and I was correct. And guess what? I was lucky that in the plane that I was in there was in flight direct tv. wow, incredible. Didn't matter if I was in coach it was really good.
I want to thank the woman next to me because she paid for me! For this service is 3 usd and you need a credit card, I only had a debit card which it didn't function so the woman next to me pay it. THANKS!
This flight was in time and pretty good, I only had a sandwich with egg inside, not my favourite.

At Houston Airport
I was just one hour and I was sooo tired, really I didn't knew what to do, well actually yes.. You remember the perfume, well in Houston there is only 1 duty tax free store I went and no perfume, F@#ck. I was really upset.
I was departing from terminal B and it's really bad, is a terminal just for Continental Express and is bad.

Houston to Mexico
Finally, on my plane to home. I started with a big plane then a medium and then this small plane which it was freezing at the front and it was so small and uncomfortable. But ok it was just 2 hours and I will finally arrive home. In this flight there was just a snack and some beverages.

This was my long trip to my home, this is what I found for cheap flights, next time I will never go back to Europe via U.S.

The return flight was shorter, this time was from Mexico to Newark and then to Geneva, but I need to tell you two things.

Immigration at Newark
Horrible, more than that. I arrive this time from a flight from Mexico, and the immigration agent was a real @sh@le I was ten minutes with him and he was so surprised that I was travelling alone that he called a Continental Agent. Stupid agent, but the continental agent left me free!!!

Flight from Newark to Gva
My try to go in buisness class.

This is quite funny. So I was at the airport with my computer waiting to everyone to board. So I checked the seat plan of my flight which it tells you the seat that are booked. I saw that there were two desocupied in buisness class. So when I board the plane I saw the seats and I decided to seat in one of them. I was so nervous, Im almost sure is the same as stealing. So the welcome me, give me a beverage and that kind of stuff. Then we depart and everything look ok. But there was a small problem. A cabin crew member was welcoming each passenger by their name with a list in his hand, shit, I thought. When he came to me, he just said welcome... I think i dont have you in my list.
Minutes passed and they even started dinner. But the cabin crew member just walk to me and says, Do you have a ticket? I said that they took it in Newark, and gave my passport. Ten minutes more and he comes and he says "Come with me, we need to talk"
So yes, they sent me to economy class :( I dont give any details of this part because is just sad.

lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

My Goal for 2010

It might not be my main goal but is something I really want and Im still thinking why I still don't have it. And what Im talking about? Im talking about getting a silver status in a Frequent flyer program. I have the Air France flying blue since 5 years and I flew several times to Paris and travelled with the other partners such as Aeromexico. But I never got to silver and decide to quite flying with AF because of their stupid law that if you are not 15 you need to pay about 200 usd per flight.
So now Im flying with Lufthansa and Star Alliance, I just got it since November and just used Continental and Lufthansa. Im almost sure because of my flights that I will get the Frequent traveller Status. Right now with them I just have 9500 status miles, and I still have another 2 flights roundtrip to Mexico from Geneva which from that I will win about 6000 miles per flight.

In 3 days Im doing another flight like this from GVA to MEX via EWR and IAH with Continental.
For getting the status I want I need 35,000 miles. AND I WILL DO IT.

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