martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

Day I and Day II

Arrival and Hotel
Day I and Day II
Day III and Day IV
Going back home

For our first "actual" day in Cabo we decided to do the "typical Cabo".


We went to the Marina and to take a bout tour to the Arch and the Lover's Beach.
Gladly for us the hotel offers a shuttle to their sister property next to the Marina.
We were told by our concierge to buy the tickets at the Marina as they can be cheaper, at least for the national tourist.
We got a pretty great rate of 10 USD pp for a tour but the great thing is that I didn't got a normal glass floor boat, but a mini-yacht. Not that luxurious but pretty nice.
The tour takes you around the very edge of the coast, passing through great rock formations and of course the Arch.
Now, at the airport or at the timeshares sales they will tell you "Yeah right now you can cross under the Arch, it only occurs each 4,7 10 years" FALSE!
By seeing Tripadvisor photos it occurs every year, but no one knows in which specific month, so it is luck.
We didn't have the luck enough and it was impossible to cross under, but still pictures are pretty beautiful.

The boat, like all the tours, will leave you in some beach there, where you can walk to Lover's Beach.
It's one of the most amazing beaches I've seen, Hawaii is kind of short against this beauty.

Then they come back and get you.
My recommendation is at least get 2 hours there, and take food and water and beverages.
And towels too.
Lover's Beach

The Los Cabos "Statue of Liberty"

The 5th Avenue of Los Cabos

We then toured around and headed back to the hotel, kind of late, for lunch. 
I mean if everything is included we will take advantage of that. 

For the evening we headed to San Jose del Cabo, which is 20 minutes away. 
It's the "typical" small Mexican town, but there are much better ones.

There is a church and that's it. 
It was also sad to see all the people offering tours and activities in a desperate way.
How can a city with so much tourism can host a large poor population?

Day 2. 

Uhm... Relaxing Day...

Sorry, but not a lot to tell. 
We took some activities in the hotel such as the cooking class and the meditation one. 
There is something missing in these classes. Staff? Maybe

Anyways, I leave you with some more photos of the resort. 


There isn't really beach. 
It's full of rocks and the sea in "unfriendly"