miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

Day 3 Cruise At Sea

4rd Day Puerto Montt- Christmas Eve
5th Day At Sea
6th Day At Sea (Straight of Magellan)
7th Day Punta Arenas
8th Day Ushuaia
9th Day At Sea
10th Day At Sea
11th Day Puerto Madryn
New Years Eve
12th Day At Sea
13th Day Punta del Este
14th Day Montevideo
15th Day Buenos Aires
2nd Day in BA and flight back to Mexico

Well first of all the sea sickness didn't go completely so we didnt have a very good day.
 But we did went to the Bingo, I'm not going to lie, it's like the best thing for a first time cruiser, even for kids. But it is wasting money, pretty damn fast!
But this is an adult's cruise, so although 1/4 of the cruise were minors, there were not a lot of activities. I heard that there was a club where you could play Wii and Xbox, but seriously, why would your kid come all the way from America just to play Wii :/
Fortunately, the weather was still nice, middle 80's, so the pool was a nice option.

Apart from that, we just rested, tried to defeat sea sickness, and relax (kind of boring for kids).