miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

Day 2

4rd Day Puerto Montt- Christmas Eve
5th Day At Sea
6th Day At Sea (Straight of Magellan)
7th Day Punta Arenas
8th Day Ushuaia
9th Day At Sea
10th Day At Sea
11th Day Puerto Madryn
New Years Eve
12th Day At Sea
13th Day Punta del Este
14th Day Montevideo
15th Day Buenos Aires
2nd Day in BA and flight back to Mexico

Well after a bad night of seasickness of my kids, we got to La Serena, Coquimbo.

 First of all we had breakfast, and after that we decided to descend to La Serena, well practictly is Coquimbo but the nice city is La Serena, like New Jersey and NYC lol.
 When we arrived at the port we went to the exit were bunch of taxis were and for 20 dollars per hour we made a city tour, to different points of the city. The church, the center, the little market, there was not too much too see, but well we finish up in 3 hours, for 60 dollars, and Celebrity was giving the same excursion for 45 dollars each person, but well they have a professional tour guide, but personally I will save the money for other parts.

The principal attraction


The "adult" pool (On the cold sea days, expect kids)

If you ask me I would not go to La Serena. Some cruises offer Port Stanley instead of this small place. So enjoy the nice hot weather and stay by the pool, which was kind of cold when we came back (or the jacuzzis) 
The worst part of this day was leaving the port, not because we liked the city, but because of the movement of the ship. We all felt bad, took pills, chocolate and nothing! 
So I wouldn't imagine feeling like this the whole trip.

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