martes, 16 de julio de 2013

Cabo Trip !!!

Arrival and Hotel
Day I and Day II
Day III and Day IV
Going back home

How many Californians have ever been to Cabo?
A lot
How many Americans have ever been to Cabo?
How many Mexicans have ever been to Cabo?
Not many
And not surprisingly, this was my first time in Los Cabos.
And yes, I do live in Mexico City with a flight less than 200 USD roundtrip and 2 hours away, and I've never been to this amazing place.

So a bit of background, shall we?

Summer was coming pretty fast, ( FYI it was already June), so we wanted to do something for July, preferably in Mexico.
The common, cheapest option for us is Acapulco, but we searched some flight options and found a nice 200 USD roundtrip flight from Mexico City to Los Cabos, and also found an awesome deal at Jetsetter (please visit 200 USD for an oceanview room  All-Inclusive rate in a Non-Inclusive hotel (which makes everything better).

So, we booked it and we were ready to go

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