jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009

My first post

Well as you can see today is 31st December of 2009 and I had this great idea to create a blog of all of my vacations. Im just a high school student but I travel very often. In my short life I had been to places such as Egypt, Greece, Turkey,Chile,Argentina and Hawaii, where is the place Im writing from.
Some facts about me is that Im from Mexico but right now Im studying at a school in Switzerland. I love to speak languages, right now I just know 3: Spanish, English and French and I will like to learn Chinese. I like to do many activities but guess what activity I like the most: traveling.
I love love traveling and actually Im the travel agent of my family. Each time we travel some where I book hotels, air tickets, cars and activities. So... I can say I have some experience.

So thats some info. I can say about me. So why I mad this? Well I want it to do this to tell about my trips and also my suggestion so other people can see it, learn and ask me questions.
Ok, wait for my post and HAPY NEW YEAR.

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