lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

My Goal for 2010

It might not be my main goal but is something I really want and Im still thinking why I still don't have it. And what Im talking about? Im talking about getting a silver status in a Frequent flyer program. I have the Air France flying blue since 5 years and I flew several times to Paris and travelled with the other partners such as Aeromexico. But I never got to silver and decide to quite flying with AF because of their stupid law that if you are not 15 you need to pay about 200 usd per flight.
So now Im flying with Lufthansa and Star Alliance, I just got it since November and just used Continental and Lufthansa. Im almost sure because of my flights that I will get the Frequent traveller Status. Right now with them I just have 9500 status miles, and I still have another 2 flights roundtrip to Mexico from Geneva which from that I will win about 6000 miles per flight.

In 3 days Im doing another flight like this from GVA to MEX via EWR and IAH with Continental.
For getting the status I want I need 35,000 miles. AND I WILL DO IT.

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