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Flight from Geneva to Mexico Airport

I usually travel in this route with just 1 stop. I have travelled with Air France and Lufthansa. Because of my lack of disorganization I bought the tickets too late and everything was too expensive. With Continental was the cheapest option and I thought: is a Star Alliance, so I will win miles!!

So I will put my reviews for the 3 flights: GENEVA TO NEWARK, NEWARK TO HOUSTON, HOUSTON TO MEXICO and a review of Geneva Airport.

Geneva Airport
I have been to this airport 3 times but I had always used the French Section. If you don’t know the airport of Geneva is in two countries : Switzerland and France. All the flights going to France (AirFrance) arrives in the French section. Let me tell you something, if you will depart from here there is nothing!!! When you pass the security check there is only a very but very expensive shop with some magazines and chocolates and another of beverages, breads, etc…
So this was my first time at the International section, first of all is much bigger but that also means it takes you more to get pass through the security point. After that is like many other airports. Many stores, duty free, etc.. and is also nice. But if you are taking a flight out of Europe like to New York with Swiss or in my case Newark with Continental you need to pass a immigration point. After that you arrive to a small area with two stores and free internet. Then you can board your plane.
So I can say knowing this airport pretty good that is a clean, “modern” , and with many facilities. But I cant say the same thing for the French sector, is actually kind of bad. I will love that there will be more “interational” flights to the Americas.

Flight Geneva to Newark.

It was my longest flight from the 3. I was so lucky because there was only 2 seats available and one of them was next to me.
There was only 2 meals which I need to say that they were good. Obviously they were not like in business class but they were good. The entertainment service was good. Not all the flights from Europe to America has personal tv. The only bad thing is that with Continental you see old movies or t.v. shows.
The service was good and one thing I notice in the check-in and in the plane is that they were surprised that I was flying alone. Im 14 but I look like 12 so they might were very surprised.
Although the flight depart late we arrived even before the schedule which it gave me time for immigration.
I must say I enjoyed the flight, is much much better than the stupids of AirFrance.

Newark Airport
I was about 3 hours at that airport. It was my first there and is pretty big. I really don't understand the connecting flight procedure. At this airport there was many stores and I was going to buy a perfume but you need to have a ticket to an international flight so its tax free but I didn't, remember I was going to Houston.
So no problems.

Flight Newark to Houston
I imagined it would be good because this is a popular route and I was correct. And guess what? I was lucky that in the plane that I was in there was in flight direct tv. wow, incredible. Didn't matter if I was in coach it was really good.
I want to thank the woman next to me because she paid for me! For this service is 3 usd and you need a credit card, I only had a debit card which it didn't function so the woman next to me pay it. THANKS!
This flight was in time and pretty good, I only had a sandwich with egg inside, not my favourite.

At Houston Airport
I was just one hour and I was sooo tired, really I didn't knew what to do, well actually yes.. You remember the perfume, well in Houston there is only 1 duty tax free store I went and no perfume, F@#ck. I was really upset.
I was departing from terminal B and it's really bad, is a terminal just for Continental Express and is bad.

Houston to Mexico
Finally, on my plane to home. I started with a big plane then a medium and then this small plane which it was freezing at the front and it was so small and uncomfortable. But ok it was just 2 hours and I will finally arrive home. In this flight there was just a snack and some beverages.

This was my long trip to my home, this is what I found for cheap flights, next time I will never go back to Europe via U.S.

The return flight was shorter, this time was from Mexico to Newark and then to Geneva, but I need to tell you two things.

Immigration at Newark
Horrible, more than that. I arrive this time from a flight from Mexico, and the immigration agent was a real @sh@le I was ten minutes with him and he was so surprised that I was travelling alone that he called a Continental Agent. Stupid agent, but the continental agent left me free!!!

Flight from Newark to Gva
My try to go in buisness class.

This is quite funny. So I was at the airport with my computer waiting to everyone to board. So I checked the seat plan of my flight which it tells you the seat that are booked. I saw that there were two desocupied in buisness class. So when I board the plane I saw the seats and I decided to seat in one of them. I was so nervous, Im almost sure is the same as stealing. So the welcome me, give me a beverage and that kind of stuff. Then we depart and everything look ok. But there was a small problem. A cabin crew member was welcoming each passenger by their name with a list in his hand, shit, I thought. When he came to me, he just said welcome... I think i dont have you in my list.
Minutes passed and they even started dinner. But the cabin crew member just walk to me and says, Do you have a ticket? I said that they took it in Newark, and gave my passport. Ten minutes more and he comes and he says "Come with me, we need to talk"
So yes, they sent me to economy class :( I dont give any details of this part because is just sad.

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