viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

Day 2: L.A.

Good morning L.A. After some hours of sleep we woked up very early and it was actually good because last night we did a reservation with the concierge of the Warner Bros Tour and a private tour to see some celebrities homes.
We did had breakfast at the Tres Restaurant. I need to say that their "buffet" was only juice, bread and some fruit, 20 dollars for that.... No!! But we still ordered some waffles and the best eggs, they weren't chicken eggs but they were very good. Something more is that this restaurant is expensive! An orange juice for 8 USD??
We had our reservation at 9:30 a.m. but we waited for 10 minutes so we went with the concierge and they told us that the other concierge didn't booked it because we didn't confirm. I mean if we already went down once and told him we want the tour do we still need to go? So the other concierge couldn't booked us for the Private tour because it was too late but we still could go to the Warner Brother Studios.
WB is in burbank so in 20 minutes drive we got there. I did enjoyed the trip because you are actually seeing the set of many movies but we only saw a big Studio with nothing, the cars and the museum were nice. We also went to the actual studio of the Mentalist but I don't even see that, I still liked the tour but thought it was going to be a little bit nicer.
The tour finished around noon and we went back to the hotel to relax a little bit.
At 2:00 p.m. we went to Robertson, in the hotel house car which is a beautiful car and it saves you $$. We did shopping in that street then we had lunch at The Ivy, because it was a special day and we thought because it was Friday maybe we could see someone famous but we didn't. Still the food was good and it's a great place to come.
After lunch we finished with our shopping and went back to the hotel. And because it was still early we walked to the Beverly Center which is just two blocks away from the hotel. Then we went back to the hotel and finally just relax.
It was a good day I just thought the WBS where going to be better.
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