miércoles, 4 de agosto de 2010

Day 3 Magic Kingdom

Before I start this sure was the most exhausting day of all my stay. Probably because the temperature was about 95 F or higher and all the people that were in the park, but we still had a nice day at the park. Im going to try my best to remember all the things I did. This day we decided to go by car to save some time although you still need to take a shuttle from the parking lot to the entrance and then the monorail to Magic Kingdom....

First, after taking a lot of photos we went and lined up at the Buzz Lightyear and while we were there my son went for the fastpass of Space Mountain. I enjoyed a lot this ride but the line was a bit too long. We also rode the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad before going to the Space Mountain which was more than great. And to fresh a little bit we headed to the Splash Mountain, which was just ok. Then late in the evening we went to not the best place to eat so MAKE RESERVATION is the best thing you can do, so you can eat in a nice restaurant. We ate at the Columbia Harbor House which of course we didn't like, but of course it was very cheap.

After the not so nice restaurant we headed to It's a small world because its never too late to go to this place and the lines weren't too bad although they looked terrible. And to finish this magical day we went and rode the Jungle Cruise. And when we finish all these attractions we decided to stop and rest at one of the nearby entrance restaurant and eat a carrot cake :) and wait till the 9:00 p.m. show parade which was amazing. As if all these wasn't sufficient we still waited for the Summer night show: NIGHTASTIC, which I really, really enjoyed make sure to get a good place.

Well and that was all my day, the only bad thing was the return which we decided to use the ferry boat instead of the monorail, do not do that. It's over crowded and there is no fresh air so please use the monorail.
So then we arrived to our nice hotel around 12:00 p.m. believe it or not! Wow it was a magical day but it was sure a day where we walked a couple of miles :)


Long but not so long line for It's a small world

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