lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

Day 6 & 7 Shopping and last day at Orlando. Going back to Miami!

Day 6
Finally we got to rest :) Not very late but we didn't woke up so early. We got ready and went to the Club at about 10:20 just 10 minutes before they took everything and let me tell you something: It was FULL!! so full that there was no space to seat, also there was not a lot of food and drinks left. But it wasn't that bad. We also checked to which mall to go as there is two main one in Orlando: The Florida Mall and the Mall at Millenia. Both offer me almost the same store I was looking at but I could see more stores at Millenia wether at the Florida Mall it was more Outlets and that dont work for me .So I decided to go to the Mall at Millenia which is the premium outlet and is about 20 minutes with traffic from my hotel as it was in South Orlando.

This mall is amazing it has Bloomingdales, Macy's Abercrombie, Gap, Hollister, Victoria Secret, etc.. So it was perfect for me. I didn't expect to be the whole day here but I was. I had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen and the food is good but the price perfect. We finished at about 7:00 p.m. and before going we went to the best place to have a dessert: TUTTI FRUTTI FROZEN YOGURT. I loved this place and if I only had the money I would open one here in Mexico(there is already one) It's incredible that everywhere I go and there is a TF there is always people not one or two but many. Check out this site:

And as we arrived to the hotel we went to the Club for some minutes as we were "kicked out" They should have it open until 10 not 9. Tomorrow we are going back to Miami but first we are going somewhere first.

Day 7.

This day we tried to get up a bit early so we could find some space at the the Club. Today we only had two options: Go to the Believe it or not- Ripleys museum or stay at the hotel and enjoy the amenities. So we thought because we were going to Miami I thought the best thing is to go to the museum. So we did the check out, excellent service they even gave me two coupons each worth 100 usd for drinks and food at some Hyatt.Before going to the museum I passed quickly to change some stuff at the Mall as both were just 5 minutes away from each other. The museum was worth the visit and it was very interesting and fun to see it. The other option was also good because the amenities of the hotel are just amazing. So the best thing to do is actually to have an extra day.

When we finished at the museum we went to eat just next to the mall at the TGI Fridays which is just the average restaurant. After we started our drive to Miami!!! Let me tell you: It's a long drive but the Highway is very good. Something very bad was the rain. In some parts you couldn't see anything, you just needed to watch out for the lights of the car in front of you. Sometimes the rain stopped, so we stopped for donuts and coffee when it there was no rain and suddenly it started to rain a lot. I even took some paper bags but I still got all my jeans wet and all the front seat wet too....
We arrived at Miami at about 9:30 p.m. but by accident my son put the Double Tree hotel incorrect, can you imagine there are two hotel from the same hotel chain at the same street name just that the one we went was in South beach and the other one was at North Beach just next to the Trump Towers. So we finnaly got there at 10:00 and were welcomed by our friends who own an appartment there. So we just rested after a long drive.

Wait for pics.

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