viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Day 4 Universal

Well... this day started at about 10 a.m. and until like 11:00 a.m. we finally went to the restaurant because the Regency Club was already closed. I don't really remember the name of restaurant but it was the one were there was a small Waterfall. The food was good and the price ok. We finally get out of the hotel around 12:00 p.m. in our car. The park is not too close it's about 20 minutes but the parking is much better than the Disney one. They even have this option of like VIP parking which we took because of yesterday's marathon, and this option is just 4 usd more.

As we arrived quickly to the park we passed through the City Walk and made reservation for the Hard Rock, we decided to spend a little bit more of money because of yesterday's horrible option. Then we headed to Universal Studios Florida. As soon as we arrived we went and bought tree "Things" t-shirt, something very Universal.
The first game we went was Shreck 4d movie but as we saw the line: 45 minutes and the time we decided to buy the Universal Express card which is much better than the Disney Fastpass. With this, you can get into the fastpass line any time you want. I think this was the best option someone can make when coming here. After this great movie we went to Jimmy's Neutron Simulator which was also fun. Something better we went to Tornado which is a must do.
We then ended in one of the coolest rides in the park: The Mummy one, I really enjoyed it and I just thought it was awesome the electronic locker outside, they should have those at Disney. We then continued to Jaws and after we saw a great Rock and Roll Show with monsters which was great. And believe it we were not tired, well not too much, then we went to the Simpson's Ride, I just loved that one is so much fun and just before we go to eat we try the Men in Black which I liked.
Then we had dinner/lunch at the Hard Rock which I truly recommend The food was great and so the prices!!. As we finish eating we went inside the park again, remember that most of the good restaurants are just outside the parks, less than 5 minutes walk. So there was only 35 minutes before the park closed so we ran to the Terminator show which was my favorite one, It's just great. So it was just 3 minutes before the park closed and we saw that E.T. was almost closing so we ran to the game and they let us go, WE WERE THE LAST ONES, and it was also a nice ride.

SO that was my amazing day at Universal and I just thought it was great because most of the time we were inside a game than walking in the heat, so it was just awesome. So what did we learn today? BUY THE EXPRESS PASS (or whatever is called :) it will save you more than 5 hours!!!

Soo wait for pics

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