domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

II Flight MEX-CUN (Volaris) CUN-HAV (Cubana)

1st Flight MEX-CUN

Volaris is actually the 2nd biggest airline in Mexico; although it's a low cost airline, it's a premium low cost airline. Their service is great and they offer a lot of extras.
Check in was very quickly (3 mins) considering that it's high season. The bad part, was when I saw at the tvs and saw that the plane was going to depart 50 minutes late. And although we just arrived 40 minutes late, the good thing is that Volaris will refund you certain percentage of your ticket if they arrive 30 minutes or more late.
So I had the cheapest ticket, but I'm still going to get 50% of my ticket.

After arriving at the Cancun Airport, I picked my bags and went straight to the Cubana check in.
Something I did notice, was the quantity of tvs, games, that Cubans were taking in. One was even taking a tire!
The check in was ok, (15 mins) and we even asked why did they changed the aircraft and the guy told us that the other one (Yak40) was so old that was scary to fly in. The sad thing is that they couldn't change my ticket, so I actually went with option 1. I decided to pay about 360 USD to change my volaris ticket and stay about 30 hours in Cancun at the JW Marriott, using my Marriott points. So, I guess it wasn't all bad after all.
But now the bad part.. Again. There was another delay, my plane was delayed about 45 minutes, and 10 of those we were stocked in a bus.

The flight wasn't that bad. Cubana has reviews of having the worst service, but on board the crew was very nice and polite. And they even gave some Canadians candies and Cuban drinks. But something that impressed me was at the end, I believe it was the co captain, he passed to every seat offering candies. And I've never seen this in my entire life.

The arrival at Cuba wasn't that good. First we were 45 minutes at customs/immigration. Then we waited 20 minutes for our bags. Then I finally got out and met with our great taxi driver that Jorge organized for us. And although we planned before in changing the currency at the airport, the lines were so long (1 hour) that we decided to go to the airport.

The drive to the hotel was about 25 minutes long but it seemed that it took for ever.
But as soon as I arrived to the hotel, I knew it was a good option. Although I arrived at the old part and had a reservation there, I had already sent an email if a room at the new part was available and they replied with a yes. So I went through the underground "trail" and did the check in with a small problem. In Cuba it's very important to put the exact number or guests even for kids, but everything was solved.

Maybe my arrival wasn't that good, but I'm ready to have a great time.

And wait for the next post and some pictures....

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