domingo, 9 de octubre de 2011

2011 Cuba Trip- Introduction

I Introduction

Although I'm still more than 2 months from this trip I'm happy to say that I already paid for everything and do not have to worry.
I decided to go to Cuba because I've always wanted to go and it is pretty close and not so expensive. After some research and just finding expensive air tickets to HAV (850 pp) I decided to go to Cancun in one of the low cost airlines and then take a Cubana flight. (550 pp). Although I have to say that I'm a bit scary for hearing that Cubana is not exactly a safe airline and does not offer the best service but it will be just 1 1/2 hour.
In Havana I chose the Hotel Parque Central because it is one of the best hotels of La Havana and they have a new section.
In Varadero I chose the Riu Varadero because of the great offer and it's actually one of the new resorts.
So I'm all set and ready to go for my Christmas Vacations!

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