martes, 6 de septiembre de 2011

Exploring NYC Days 6 and 7

Part I: Summer Vacation Introduction
Part II: Flight MEX-IAD and Day 1 in DC(United)
Part III: Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row
Part IV: Exploring Washington DC Day 2 and 3 in DC
Part V: Exploring Washington DC Day 4 and 5 in DC
Part VI: Train from DC to Newark and Day 1 in NYC (Amtrak)
Part VII: Hotel AKA Times Square
Part VIII: Exploring New York City Days 2 and 3
Part IX: Exploring NYC Days 4 and 5
Part X: Exploring NYC Days 6 and 7
Part XI: Flight EWR-MEX (Continental)

Day 6: A relaxing day, at least for us. We decided to have brunch in the restaurant that is below our hotel. It wasn't great but the service and the food were ok.
We then walked two blocks down in search of some good tennis shoes for my mom and we found them. It was actually the Asics Store that is in front of the Bryant Park. So because all morning had passed so quickly and one hour later we had our show we bought some ice-creams and just sat and relax.
After, we arrived to the Theatre to see Mary Poppins. And the show was just great, although it was more of a musical than a normal play, everything was amazing and both my sister and mother loved it. As we left the Theatre, it was already 6:00 p.m., we grabbed a cab to the Megu Restaurant in the Trump Towers in front of the UN.
The food was not only exquisite but the whole service was great and even better, it was NYC Restaurant Week so it was 33 USD per person for a entree, main course and dessert. I highly recommend it if you like Asian cuisine.
Well the day was over, but we enjoyed watching some t.v. shows that are not available in Mexico, and slept to be ready for our final day in NYC :()

Day 7
So because our last visit to NYC was 5 years ago we decided to go to the Statue of Liberty and it was of course a good choice. To get here we took the metro and walked a bit around Battery Park.
We then took the Ferry and although we bought the tickets days before we did not know that we could not access the small museum in the Statue of Liberty, so we just walked around and took pictures of Lady Liberty and the Skyline of Southern Manhattan

And because we were already near we took the metro to Brooklyn. Our plan was to take a taxi near the Bridge and then walk the Brooklyn Bridge but we ended up taking the taxi from Brooklyn to Manhattan, which was first a mistake but then we realized that the bridge is extremely large. But we still walked a little bit and took some photos.

We then took the metro near/to the American Girl Place and some final shopping of souvenirs. We also had lunch at AGP which was fine and very different. We later grabbed a cab to Times Square for some more Coconut M&M's which I can only find in the US. And sadly we then went back to our hotel to do put everything in order before we left.

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