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Part II: Flight MEX-IAD and Day 1 in DC (United)

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Part II: Flight MEX-IAD and Day 1 in DC(United)
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Part XI: Flight EWR-MEX (Continental)

After some hours of sleep my father my sister and myself woke up to get to the International Airport of Mexico City. As oppose to most of the airpots in the world the Mexico City Airport is right in the middle of Mexico City which of course is a very bad location not only to the people that live 50 meters away from the airport but to all the tourists that get stuck in traffic jams trying to get there. Fortunately the flight was in the morning so there was no traffic at all.
The check in at United was fast in the Premium check in line but it was the double at the Economy class. United offers flights from Mexico City to all of its Hubs except for Denver which is seasonal.
All the boarding was pretty fast and the flight was very good. I was even surprised, because when I went to buy food and explained to the flight attendant that I just had cash, she gave it for free. The only bad thing was the descend, it was very windy and it was just a bad landing.
Internationals arrivals at IAD are very but very strange. After walking for 5-10 minutes you get to a place in which you will board a bus that takes you to the Immigration Building. I was like 1 hour in the immigration line which just makes me want to have the Global Entry membership. After picking up our luggage we went outside to take a cab. And about 25 minutes after we departed the airport we just realized that something was not with us, no it wasn't a bag or a cell phone it was a 2k dollars camera. The first thing we thought is going back to the airport but we decided to go to directly to the hotel settle in and call them.
We arrived to the hotel 10 minutes later. The Fairfax at Embassy Row is a very nice and historic hotel but maybe a bit too old for my style. We asked for an upgrade to a bigger suite which they offered one for 150 USD per night and because we were on a 160 USD per night rate we said yes. The suite is lovely but you will find more at the next segment. Well as soon as I arrived to the hotel I went directly with the Concierge which called United and was on hold like for 40 minutes until we got to speak with an agent that told her that I needed to send an e-mail which I sent 2 minutes after. I quickly got a response that said that they were going to check but that if I didn't receive an e-mail in 7 days it meant that they didn't found it.
So there I was feeling sick for a terrible landing, tired of being 1 hour waiting and very anxious because we just lost a very expensive camera and we had no idea of what to do. Nice first day ...

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