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Part VIII: Exploring New York City Days 2 and 3.

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Day 2:

Woke up early and had breakfast in our room, which is a really big benefit of having a kitchen in the suite. We then went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and spent about 2 hours which is sufficient if you have you are in a family with kids. We then went to the Minsk Theatre and enjoyed the Lion King. It really is a great show and specially for families. The only recommendation I have is to don't go and see a play the next day you got to NYC, because of the humidity outside we were kind of tired when we went to the theatre.

We then went to have dinner in the TGI Friday, not the best restaurant but it was ok. Because it was the first day and we got tired we went to the hotel but with a stop in Walgreens.

Day 3: After breakfast we decided to buy tickets for the Double Decker bus. We took the bus at Times Square and went to SoHo where we walked a little bit and had ice-cream. We also visited, just for curiosity, the Kardashian Store which is pretty nice but kind of expensive (10 USD for a bottle of water?)

We then took again the bus to Chinatown and Little Italy, the problem with the Decker Bus is that because the upper part is usually full the button part not always has AC or windows, so if outside was about 105 F inside was 115 F!!
We walked around Chinatown which I personally thought it was going to be a little bit more interesting but it wasn't. We then went to Little Italy and had lunch there, which was good.

We then took the bus to the U.N. which was already closed and could not see anything. So we took the bus again to the Rockefeller Center where we went to Top of the Rock. For anyone that thinks that the Empire State has the best view, then you are wrong, the Top of the Rock is the best view of all Manhattan, it really is.
After Top of the Rock we went to to the shops near and even Magnolia which might be overrated but it is a very nice place to go.

After all this "tourist" day, we went back to the hotel and rest.

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  1. Hello,
    I am a New Yorker and I find it interesting to read about your trip.

    One thing I noted was your experience of Chinatown. I think you made the mistake of most tourists, which is you only visited Canal Street and perhaps a few side streets next to it, which is really not the interesting part of Chinatown at all, just a bunch of cheap knock-off merchandise in little ugly booths...BUT the real Chinatown (which is very interesting!) is on the tiny backstreets farther to the East, where you would encounter total immersion in Chinese culture.

    Supermarkets selling all foods from China, special little Chinese bakeries, noodle shops, vegetable stores selling fruits you probably never saw before, and so much more! It is an unbelievable experience. Perhaps on the next visit you will decide to explore the streets away from Canal Street that most tourists don't find. It is a huge neighborhood, and after living 30 years in New York I still discover new things in Chinatown every time I go there.

    Best Regards,