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Part IV Exploring Washington DC Day 2 and 3 in DC

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Part II: Flight MEX-IAD and Day 1 in DC(United)
Part III: Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row
Part IV: Exploring Washington DC Day 2 and 3 in DC
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Part VII: Hotel AKA Times Square
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Part XI: Flight EWR-MEX (Continental)

Day 2 in DC

Although this wasn't really a day where we were "tourists" in DC we were able to visit some places. Right in the morning after a great breakfast at the Jockey Club, which is the restaurant of the Fairfax, we headed all the way to Washington Dulles Aiport waited 30 minutes and after talking to a supervisor I got someone to open the lost and found room which had everything Kindles, iPads, cameras, cellphones even laptops but not my camera. Sad we decided to go back to the hotel.
Because we used all of the morning in trying to retrieve the camera we just had some hours left.

We went to the Tom Ford Theatre which was the Theatre where Lincoln was assassinated. The theatre also has a museum which is very interesting. We then went next door which is the Hard Rock Cafe for some average lunch. Because we still had some time we went to the U.S. Capitol which you I expected to see more than a movie and an average tour that at least was free.
Maybe not the most productive day but we tried to get back our camera.

Day 3 in DC

We bought tickets with our concierge for the Double Deck Tour Bus. So we went directly to the nearest stop which was 2 blocks away Dupont Circle. The bus takes you up to Washington Cathedral which is very pretty and then down on the Embassy Row crossing the beautiful Georgetown. We decided to not stop at Georgetown so we could see the monuments first. Then we stopped at the Lincoln Memorial which is impressive but very crowded and the fact that the reflecting pool in front of it it's under renovation didn't make it so nice. Then we walked all the way from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House. On the way we stopped at the Holocaust Memorial and at the Washington Memorial although we did not went up.

The walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the White House looks small on a map but with temperatures of 100 F and higher it took longer than expected. Of course you can not see much of the White House and specially if they close the closest pedestrian street to the WH. (Maybe it was because of the meeting of Obama with the Dalai Lama)
We walked a little bit more to the White House Visitor Center which explains you a lot of the White House. We then walked to the nearest Bus stop and we mad it to the Union Station so we could change routes. The DC Double Decker Tour has 3 different routes. Because we were very hungry we stopped at a restaurant inside the Station.
We then took the bus to the National Zoo where we passed the whole afternoon. It is a very very nice place to go specially for families. To end our day we had dinner at the hotel's restaurant.

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