miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

Washington DC / New York City Summer Vacations' Intro

Part I: Summer Vacation Introduction
Part II: Flight MEX-IAD and Day 1 in DC(United)
Part III: Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row
Part IV: Exploring Washington DC Day 2 and 3 in DC
Part V: Exploring Washington DC Day 4 and 5 in DC
Part VI: Train from DC to Newark and Day 1 in (Amtrak)
Part VII: Hotel AKA Times Square
Part VIII: Exploring New York City Days 2 and 3
Part IX: Exploring NYC Days 4 and 5
Part X: Exploring NYC Days 6 and 7
Part XI: Flight EWR-MEX (Continental)

For this Summer Vacations my family decided to go to New York. Because my parents are not together anymore we decided to go to New York City with my mom and Washington DC with my father. I just find this to be great because I know my father will love DC and all of its history and we will have a great time in NYC with my mother.
We have never been to DC and the last and only time we went to NYC was 5 years ago.
So in only 2 weeks we will be going to DC with my father for 5 nights, staying at the Fairfax at Embassy Row and then taking a train to Newark Airport where my father will take his plane back to Mexico City and my mother will arrive. We will then be 8 days at NYC, staying at the hotel AKA which is a "luxury" appartment/hotel which their rates where the same to a 4 star hotel small room.

So wait for my trip report and I hope it helps all the families that are planning to go to DC or NYC.

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