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Part VI : Train from DC to Newark and 1st day IN NYC

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Bye bye DC.. Hello NYC
Although I really liked DC I was really excited to go to NYC, last time I was there I was just 10 years old.
The train departed at about 10:30 a.m. so after a quick breakfast and a fast check out we took a cab to Union Station. Fortunately we were going with a lot of extra time because traffic was horrible. The 5-8 minute taxi ride took 20 minutes but we got there still 30 minutes before the train departure. I was informed that not only business passengers can go first but also families with small kids which this was just great.
This was my first train experience in the U.S., I've done it before in Europe and although I didn't expected to be as nice as the europeans train Amtrak offers a really good service and not expensive. The seats are way more comfortable than a normal coach and even some business plane seats. The food variety is not as big but ok. We departed on time but arrived 20 minutes later. We didn't took the Acela because it didn't offered kid rate so it was about + 300 dollars vs 98 USD for all 3 of us, which is great.

We arrived at the Newark Airport which you need to take another train (6 minutes) to the terminal you want. We went directly to Terminal C so my father could check-in for his Mexico City Flight. We then needed to wait about 1-2 hours for my mother to arrive. The bad thing is that her flight got delayed about half an hour and she was about an hour at the Newark immigration. Newark is one of the worst entry points for any hispanic.
Finally she came out and after saying good by to my father we went again to the the Newark Transit Center Station and took a NJ transit train to NYC which was only 25 USD. We arrived to Penn Station and let me tell you, it was about 102 F outside but inside Penn Station was about 115 F and because we had bags we had to make long lines for the elevator. Not the best way to get to NYC in Rush Hour. We then took a cab to the great AKA Hotel in Times Square.
Because we still had some hours to do something, we walked to Times Square, went to the Minsk Theatre to pick up our tickets and had dinner at the Bubba Gump.

We had a good time in DC but much better in NYC.. Continue to read my next posts.

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