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Par IX Exploring NYC Days 4 and 5

Part I: Summer Vacation Introduction
Part II: Flight MEX-IAD and Day 1 in DC(United)
Part III: Fairfax Hotel at Embassy Row
Part IV: Exploring Washington DC Day 2 and 3 in DC
Part V: Exploring Washington DC Day 4 and 5 in DC
Part VI: Train from DC to Newark and Day 1 in NYC (Amtrak)
Part VII: Hotel AKA Times Square
Part VIII: Exploring New York City Days 2 and 3
Part IX: Exploring NYC Days 4 and 5
Part X: Exploring NYC Days 6 and 7
Part XI: Flight EWR-MEX (Continental)

Day 4: Shopping Shopping Shopping

The day before I googled the address of at least 10 stores that we all wanted to go and mad a map in Google and print it.
So early in the morning we started with the some stores that were near the hotel and then we took a taxi to the great and beautiful Fifth Avenue and started shopping. We went to many stores, from Forever 21 to Saks Fifth Avenue and Abercrombie and Fitch. Although it was a long and hot-humid day I'm not going to describe it all but in conclusion we did have fun.

Day 5: Museums and a bit more of Shopping

We started kind of late but ready to have a good day. We first went to the Natural History Museum and spent about 2-3 hours. We then walked around Central Park for about half an hour. After "getting lost in C.P. we took a cab to the Madame Tussauds oh and if you want to save 5 USD per person do a check in at FourSquare. This museum is very cool and although I visited the one in Hollywood it's always nice to go back and see some new figures (sadly K. Kardashian wax figure was taken off apparently she was not that popular :( )

We had lunch at the nice Red Lobster at Times Square and we then took a cab to visit the remaining stores. A trip to NYC can't be done before going to FAO Schwarz and Niketown (and also LV)
After this calm day we headed back to our hotel for some rest.

The famous Big Whale in the Museum

Gotta Love Times Square

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