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Part V : Exploring Washington DC Day 4 and 5 in DC.

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Day 4: We woke up kind of late but it was Sunday. Because the restaurant breakfast was already closed the concierge recommend us a nearby restaurant which although I don't remember the name it was part a library and part a restaurant. The food was ok but what I really didn't like was the atmosphere. People were almost screaming, it was kind of hard to enjoy our breakfast.
We then went to the Smithsonian U.S. Air and Space Museum which is suppose to be the most popular museum not only in DC but according to the USA Today of the whole U.S.A. I had big expectations and although the museum is very interesting I just didn't get that wow factor. After the museum we went to Georgetown. Georgetown is just beautiful it's near the Potomac River which looks great and the whole place is just lovely. It's kind of Europe meets U.S.A. because of the nice and short buildings but of course with all the american stores I love.
This is a must in DC even if you are here just 24 hours, to come here and spend a couple of hours walking around it's amazing.
We had lunch at Sequoia which is just 2 blocks down the main street of Georgetown. It offers great views, good service and the food was ok. (My TA review:

Because my dad didn't quite felt good because of the Hot weather and going in and out of the stores with high AC we left to the Hotel to relax.

Day 5:

The Last Day in DC and we still had many things to do but because of the AC in the room that never turned off mad my dad feel more tired but still with some energy we all went to the National Spy Museum. It's actually a pretty cool museum. You do learn a lot of stuff in a fun way, I do recommend this hotel for all the families that visit DC. We after took the Metro to the Arlington Cemetery which is just nice to walk around. We then went to the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City where we had lunch at the Fast Food and walked around the mall. Then we went back to the hotel and started packing.
DC is a great city, not your typical american city which just make me love it more and hope to come back when the temperatures are not as high as they were.

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